Silenus' Gift

Silenus' Gift is a historical mystery set in Roman Britain at the time of Emperor Nerva some twenty years before Hadrian's Wall was built.

The second part of the story is being published as a blog - check out the left hand pane to read the newest installment, which is set out as a blog written by Ant. This will eventually be used for the second story in the series.

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Beneath a thin veneer of peace,Roman Britain is in turmoil. The Emperor Domitian is dead, murdered by his own staff to the joy of the Senate and the simmering discontent of the army. In the far north west of the empire in Britannia the tribes are once again on the verge of rebellion.

Into this toxic mix wanders Antonious, a hapless slave with rather mixed loyalties, as he trails after his mistress Junia both unaware of the dangers that surround them as they journey north through Britain in a search for a mysterious box. Unfortunately they are not the only ones looking for the box as they are pursued through the borders by rebellious tribes and treacherous gladiators.

The book is written from Ant's personal perspective, one divided by his hatred of the Roman's and his loyalty to the little band of Roman soldiers escorting them and uses real historical events and people as the backdrop to the tale.

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